Are you looking for a speaker for your women’s event? 

Dynamic. Encouraging. Engaging. Practical. Biblical.

Those are the words that women use over and over to describe Abigail’s speaking. As a joyful student of the Bible, Abigail is committed to the truth and power of the Living Word. Her greatest joys come from helping others to come find strength and joy as they meet the God of glory in the living Word. It is only as we behold His glory that we are conformed to the image of Christ

Abigail leads a Ladies’ Life Group on Thursday mornings at her home church in Burlington, WI and posts a weekly blog at JoyPrO. She has spoken at multiple college ministry and women’s events and counts it a sacred trust and to complete joy to teach the Word of God. 

Abigail’s new book, MEEK NOT WEAK: A 12-Week Guide to the Gentle Strength of Meekness is available at Amazon. She’d love to join your group as you discuss the book. Just drop a line. 


Contact Abigail at to find out more about her speaking ministry.


“Abigail’s love for the Lord is evident and it is her desire and passion to share that with others. She brings her dynamic personality and wisdom to her teaching in a very fun and engaging way that I find myself smiling while taking it all in. Thank you for sharing with us how we can cultivate meekness.”
—Heidi, 5/2022

“Abigail did a great job speaking at our women’s brunch. She had obviously done a lot of study on the subject, was a very engaging speaker, and challenged us all to consider the importance of meekness in our lives.”
—Jean, 5/2022

“Abigail has a passion for Women’s Ministry. You can hear the excitement in her voice and see the joy on her face when she teaches. When teaching on the topic of Meekness, Abigail always backs up her points with plenty of scripture verses. I appreciate that she reaches deep into God’s Word.”
—Brynn, 5/2022

Thank you for the great words of wisdom this weekend. You are so engaging and amazing to listen to.
—Manda, 10/2020

Such balance in every detail… Abigail and God were masterful.

—Laurie H, 11/2019

Abigail is a wonderful speaker. The feel is powerful.

Kayla T.

Abigail was an excellent choice to speak at our church women’s retreat. She was challenging and inspiring, and drew us in by her depth of Biblical knowledge and humility. She brought insights to our group on how to grow in our Christian walks, and she lives it herself! Every woman there was engaged! 

— Sarah L, 5/2019

I was one of the blessed women attending  the retreat where Abigail spoke. Abigail is so knowledgeable and energetic it’s hard to not be enthused and excited as you listen and learn from her! She is also very down to earth, humble, and easy to talk to. It’s as if we had known each other for years. Thank you, Abigail for sharing yourself with us and being a glowing example of Christ!

—Nancy, 5/2019

I love Abigail’s insights and knowledge of the word of God. She brings biblical direction to the women in meaningful and practical ways that it opens our minds to understanding what the Bible is saying.

—Ellie, 11/2018

Thanks for being our speaker, Abigail.  There were many things that I liked about our weekend and that I learned.  I liked the way that you dissected the verses that we studied and how you helped us see the promises of God.  I was also challenged to consider what our part is in living this Christian life and looking at what God’s part is. 

—Becky, 5/2019

Abigail did a great job fleshing out our topic with an engaging talk that focused on Biblical truths for our women’s connect event. She was thoroughly prepared and a joy to listen to as she overflows with the love of Christ.

—Jenny, 10/2018

Abigail does the best job teaching. I loved the topic and am eager to put it into practice.

—Christine, 10/2018