I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I was sent to speak to you and to bring you this good news.

Luke 1:19b

Some of you know this story, but lots of you do not. And this is of all the days the best day to tell it. So here it goes.

Once upon on time, ten years ago today- but it truly began nine months before that or really even eight or seven
Yes, it was ten years plus seven months ago, Gabriel, when you first made your presence known.

But I really must rewind

Because it was ten years before these last ten years-

Twenty whole years ago, it was

In January when Dad and I- we two, were joined as one.

For most of those first ten years (Big brother came by plane after nine)

We hoped and prayed and tried (how we hoped and prayed and tried, and too much, I think, I cried)

And doctors consulted, tried this and that, and poked around inside

But all their methods failed- it just wasn’t the right time.

And empty wombs like empty stomachs sometimes ache 

But God’s children run their race and walk by faith and trust the promises true-

That our trials produce steadfastness and character and a hope that will not disappoint

That  no good thing will He withhold and they that wait upon the Lord will be renewed.

So we stopped the procedures and we ceased striving and tried less hard.

But still in faith we prayed, in His love we hoped, and life kept racing on

Then one fall- that fall Aunt Char and I decided, Sure, let’s run it all.

And I remember how

That September, my coffee didn’t taste as good and I was suddenly ready for bed by seven

Then came October, and snow,

But we sisters plowed on and  drove six hours north

To run that 26.2 mile course.

(Run we did -we three, the third, still unbeknownst to me- and we finished the race in four hours, give or take.)

Next week I took a test I’d taken a dozen or more times before

But this time, the stripes said YES, YES, YES- it’s true

Your frame was being finely woven by then for eight whole weeks

But that was when I first found out for sure about you.

And now tonight, ten-year old son,  I pinch myself and think how loud your name rings true

You are our YES  to countless prayers that God would grant us love’s sweet fruit

Your presence with your brother “HEARD OF GOD” was so good we prayed for more

But God, for righteous reasons only He knows

Has not again opened to us that door.

You are no angel, but still you are a messenger to tell

That God alone sets the times and the seasons and even the days

And that no good thing does He withhold

That His ways are not our ways (and that is all okay).

It’s been ten years today since I laid eyes on that long-lashed, lovely baby boy- and I never want to forget the messages I heard then

That we’d best keep running and look to Jesus even when we ache a lot.

That it’s when we cease striving that we can know that He is  God

And that the best gifts can’t be bought.

Because, after all, Who is like the Lord our God who sits on high and humbles himself to behold things in heaven and on earth? 

That’s is good news God sent you to tell us Gabriel, messenger of God.

Who is like the LORD our God,

Who dwells on high,

Who humbles himself to behold

Things in the heavens and in the earth?

He raises the poor out of the dust,

And lifts the needy out of the ash heap,

He gives the barren woman a home,

Making her the joyous mother of children.

Praise the LORD!

Psalm 113:5-7, 9

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  1. I remember the announcement of your pregnancy, in church, and the indrawn breath of a thrilled congregation. <3 God is good.

  2. I did not know.( smiling)
    My oldest daughter is baren still, kept her womb dangerously long – compromising her life. Even as her mom, I don’t really know the empty ache of the baby space.
    I rejoice with you and am so glad there is a Gabriel!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, and sharing. Please extend my sympathy to your oldest daughter. Yes, the Proverbs (30:15-16) nails it: Three things are never satisfied; four never say, “Enough”: Sheol, the barren womb, the land never satisfied with water, and the fire that never says, “Enough.” And yet, in Christ, by grace, through faith, the barren womb has helped teach me that this world is not my home. “They looked to the city above,” like Hebrews says, right?

  3. Your story resonates with me! Our stories are VERY similar. All the waiting and doctors and medical bills and tears and prayers…until we said no more because we had drained our savings account to nothing. From there, we left it up to God. We prayed about adoption. We started to collect literature from different agencies. His timing was perfect, as it always is. (We announced the pregnancy to Nick’s mom just a few days after she had to put her favorite dog down due to illness. She definitely needed a bit of good news!) Benjamin was born on his due date and was a pretty easy baby. We were blessed with two more (more challenging than the first baby, for sure, but still bundles of joy), which is truly a testament to God’s power given my medical condition.

    1. Thanks Jackie! His time for sure, and His power to create life, against any odds, if He likes. It’s a real gift to see God’s hand in our lives, isn’t it?

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