Helping the Saints
Embrace God’s Sometimes Uncomfortable Grace


Hi there! I’m Abigail. I’d love to be your spiritual strength trainer. 
I love to share the strength and joy that come from knowing God. 

Because our God is the strength of his people. His eyes are roaming at this moment all over the earth seeking hearts to make strong. 

The Lord is in the business of strengthening his children. He gives strength to press on and forgive. Strength to speak truth and give grace. Strength to love right on and strength to repent. Knowing God gives us strength sit loose, take risks and rejoice. 

Oft in sorrow, oft in woe, onward through this broken, beautiful world in the strength of Christ we go. From strength to strength.

I’m with you, for our progress and joy in the faith,

I have been writing Meek Not Weak for almost ten years. Looking back, though, it has been writing me.

While this book is deeply personal, it is not a memoir. Nor is it self-help. You could say Meek Not Weak is a biography of meekness. It’s my humble attempt to paint a portrait of biblical meekness that helps readers see more meek so that they can be more joyful, peaceful, and triumphantly meek.

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Look for Christ and with Him you'll find everything else.