Want Abigail to speak to your women’s group?

Abigail has a heart to see women grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.  Her mission and greatest joy can be summed up this way:  To help others see Jesus Christ more clearly and love Him more dearly.

Abigail is committed to the truth and power of the Living Word. She loves to encourage others to come along beside her and behold God’s glory in Jesus. It’s only in beholding His glory that we are conformed to the image of Christ and transformed from glory to glory. She’s a work in progress has lived through enough “stuff” and waited through enough pain to testify to power and all-sufficient grace of Christ.

Abigail leads a Ladies’ Life Group on Thursday mornings at her home church in Burlington, WI and posts a weekly blog at JoyPrO. She has spoken at multiple campus events and women’s retreats and is currently working  on a book about meekness, which, she adds, is a lifetime in the making.

Her ministry exists help grow women who are strong in the Lord and worship Jesus Christ with their whole heart, soul, strength and might.

Contact Abigail at jabwall@gmail.com for more information about her availability to speak to your women’s group,